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Our singular focus is to build you a successful brand.  Success is defined through the connections we help you make with consumers. 

Thanks to the diversity of our clientele it's allowed us to roll each experience into the next project. And, the fuels our ability to help you connect.  Here is a sample of that experience.

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Aloha Salsa Brand Development

Aloha Salsa came to us needing a complete, from the ground up, brand package, to help them define their identity.  As an Oahu based salsa, they infuse island flavors, like pineapple, and mango, into their products.

They wanted a brand identity that shared that infusion and embodied the mantra of fresh, tasty, local flavor.  Having tried countless times to do it on their own they enlisted us to expedite and deliver a brand that spoke Hawaiian and salsa.

The result, a magnificent blend of bold colors, strong lines and a brand that shouts yum.

Brand Style Guide

Identity development

Company voice

Website with WooCommerce shopping cart

Mike Malala Head Shot

Kovah really helped us.  We spent months searching for an identity that could connect us with our customers.  The team at Kovah helped us within a few days.


Owner, Aloha Salsa


Stadium Designs Brand Development

Stadium Dezines is a social community committed to sharing the most cinematic and gorgeous structures from around the world.  Their medium is Instagram.  

When the owners of Stadium Dezines came to us they asked for help in stepping up their Instagame with a unique brand profile.  Their goals were to create a brand image and persona that was sharp, well defined, and fun.  The traits they felt every participant saw and felt when visiting a stadium for their event.

After a couple short weeks, we found the icon, brand voice, and identity that would set them apart among the millions Instagram profiles out there.

Brand Style Guide

Instagram profile development

Social and image filters

Social layout

Hannah Thorpe

Love working with Kovah.  They make the process so easy as they walk you through each item step-by-step.  I highly recommend them as a designer, they were a massive help to this early stage company.

Hannah Thorpe

Owner, Stadium Dezines

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